Ref. szám: Sz4809
Cím: Pécs Kőrösi Csoma Sándor

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45000 Ft

Ref. szám: Sz4418
Cím: Pécs Király
The apartment has a perfect central location in Kiraly utca, close to the bar-life in Pécs and only 10 minutes from the University. It´s a big flat which goes over 2 levels. In the first level we have a central living room from where all 4 rooms, the kitchen and the bathroom go off. On the upper level we have an additional WC, a big poker table and another couch corner, plus a tiny bar. The kitchen is fully equipped, just like the rest of the apartment is fully furnished. Your room will be around 16m2, and also furnished with a bed, a wardrobe and a desk. Your roommates will be Max, Benedikt and Amanda, two third year medical students and a fourth year medical student. We are in the german program and we are looking for a kind, open minded and clean roommate from any nationality. - My contact: Max Heidböhmer, Tel: +4915787377624, max.heidboehmer@gmx.de, and im also reachable on Facebook
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55000 Ft

Ref. szám: Sz4419
Cím: Pécs Atléta
Pécsett az Atléta utcába egy családi ház 2. emeletén kialakított, 100 m2-es, 4 szobás lakás egyik SZOBÁJA kiadó.
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57000 Ft